Devonshire Green & Hanover Medical Centres have changed clinical system. 

This took place on 26th April 2024.  We hope this change will benefit all patients and staff to better manage healthcare.

Please note that as part of this change.  All patients that are signed up to 'Patient Access' will need to sign up (if you haven't already) with the NHS App to access your online medical records. This is because Patient Access is linked to the old clinical system. You can sign up or access the NHS App by going to https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-app/

This is a big change for all our staff and for you, our patients. We thank you for your understanding during this period and assure you we will do our best to keep services running as best we can. 

Thank you from all the Team



Please note that our phone options have changed:


Option 1 to order prescriptions between 10.30 and 1pm weekdays

Option 2 enquiries about existing hospital referrals.

Option 3 is for test results, appointment and all other enquiries


Pleaes note that all telephones are recorded for monitoring and training purposes.